Lynn’s Books Review, and an American Gods rec

The Troupe gets a very enthusiastic review over at Lynn’s Book Blog:

This book is without a doubt, not a shadow of it, brilliant.  It is going on the list.  If this book isn’t on best of year lists for many, many people, come the end of 2012 then all I can say is that (a) what is wrong with everyone!  or  (b) we must have had some damn fine books for the rest of the year.  This read is intriguing, it’s compelling and I will just say, by way of warning, don’t pick this up unless you can put your life on hold and dedicate a few days to it whilst ignoring all your friends, family, work, dogs, social life, etc, etc.  You get the picture.

Which happifies me quite extensively.

In other me-me-me news, Justin Landon has recommended The Troupe if you’re the sort of person who liked American Gods, and of course you are, don’t be a dummy.

While George has almost nothing in common with Gaiman’s Shadow, there are many similarities between Silenius and Mr. Wednesday. A withholding of knowledge and a larger understanding of the workings of the world, create a mystery that enfolds the entire narrative, unraveling a page at a time. In both novels there exists a palpable alternate reality beyond the pale of the average human experience. They are also steeped in myth, more obviously in American Gods, but also in The Troupe, with appearances by elemental forces, fairies, and primordial chaos. Beyond the superficial similarities, there’s a very Gaiman tone — dark tones and moments of tenderness all the more poignant for there scarcity.

I’m kind of tired of talking about myself so here’s a picture of a duck!

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